I was commissioned for this project by the Huntsville Ghost Walk, to be used in a special event planned by the city. Course measurements were sent out and I got to work building the initial structure. When the platform was delivered, it was completely different from the discussed specifications. I had to literally tear it apart and start over. Construction of the second structure was internally wood and foam board, held together with nails, pins, and water resistant glue. Paneling was created by cutting the ends off of several hundred Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors.  The roof was tiled in prefabricated wooden doll-house shingles. Roof was painted with indoor/outdoor gloss black acrylic paint. Paneling weathered using a wash of black paint and water. Windows made from plate acrylic. Lightning insulators made from Green glass seed beads and copper wire. Door knobs made from white pony beads. Prefabricated vegetation. Rusted jeep made by heating and deforming a plastic toy before painting it with textured brown spray paint.  Curtains made from fabric/lace. Carpet made from patterned cotton cloth. Solar chandeliers adapted from path lights. After all was said and done, it was demolished by the fine people of Huntsville, becoming a sand mandala in my list of creations.

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